Image of Abort Abbott MASK

Abort Abbott MASK


*All Profits From This Mask + All of Queeriosities' Abort Abbott Merch, Will Be Donated to The Bridge Collective*
Please don't be a petri dish for yet another COVID-19 mutation. Especially now that our brilliant governor has outlawed the primary source of stem cell procurement...which also happens to be a key ingredient in the Covid Be-Gone juice, that he actually received himself, prior to opting to revoke Texan's reproductive rights.
Keep your ass safe from the 'Rona in this super soft, ridiculously comfortable, washable, poly-cotton blend, 3 layer mask, with a water repellent outer layer.
(* This is an original design created by Queeriosities, and is not to be reproduced, reused, etc without prior written consent from We will find you & swiftly cut your art stealing mitts off, no lie! *)