Image of Shoot Rapists Not Heroin v1 Sticker

Shoot Rapists Not Heroin v1 Sticker

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Get your very own, Queeriosities "Shoot Rapists Not Heroin," (v1 of our monthly series) vinyl sticker, while the gettin' is good!
Limited quantity available!
For those who are unaware:
Ron Jeremy has faced 20+ charges of rape/sexual assault in the past few yrs alone...many of which he has already been officially convicted, several still awaiting trial & more victims just keep coming forward...
So, for raising the bar in the field of proving to the world what just a deplorable, festering, monstrosity of a human being one motherfucker can truly be, the prestigious honor of having his slimy, grimy, scumfuck, shitface featured on this months edition of our SRNH series has been bestowed upon this disgusting sack of trash.
No background, vinyl, decal sticker, approx. 4x4in.